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About FTB

FTB provides Global Users with innovative Prices and Services than the Traditional Payment Methods to make the world a better place for Blockchain Technology.

No Transaction Fee

All Transaction is free for our users. FTB will not charge any transaction fee for peer to peer transactions.

User Friendly

Just a single step, can download FTB wallet in our website or app store and it's ready to use. Using wallet address or QR code very easy to send to anyone.


Your information is our priority, we encrypt all your data and transaction with decentralized system. so hacking or stealing the data is prevented by our system.

Big Opportunity for vendors

All Global vendors, if they need more global clients, then our solution is best for them. Just apply as vendors and download our POS app from website, get tokens from clients and redeem to real money.

Global Marketplace

Our wallet solution is design for Global Innovative Entrepreneurs. Each Transaction is recorded in our blockchain Explorer, Traceable with our applications. Our system is transparent and reliable.

Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and get exciting rewards and grow together with us.