User can Download app, and purchase token, and pay with cannabis merchants.Vendor can Download POS app, get token, go to ATM Machine, withdraw cash.

There are 2 way you can use your ATM. Make your QR Code and Pin, Company will be verify then you can withdraw at ATM depends on how much available money in QRcard.

Can purchase STO coin in our official website, and after listing at exchanges you can purchase in globally at exchange sites.

The problem is that even if it is outwardly benign, the business has many difficulties. At its core is cash transactions. Because of the cash transaction, the reteller has a lot of risk. A safer, more transparent method than a cash transaction is required, and the optimized technology is blockchain technology. Transactions in blockchain can be arranged in an illegal or dangerous situation.

We will be publishing Stable Token from FTB Stable token platform. Token solutions issue assets as much as collateral guaranteed by the financial sector, for example by banks or securities firms. All issued Stable coins are guaranteed as assets, so coin holders can trade safely within the payment guarantee.

It’s not just ecommerce platform, it’s paid-in tool, it’s linked to PayPal, ecommerce platform. Either when user can also use the token payment tool for a minimum fee anywhere more thant the other payment tools in the world.